I recently heard a sermon on letting God be the sculptor of your life. The Bible study leader said that our lives are like a big block of beautiful marble and God is the master sculptor, just chipping away the rough edges, and if we let Him, he will sculpt our lives into a beautiful masterpiece. 

"At the start we can’t tell from our raw form what our purpose or design will be. Often we feel useless. But God has lovingly selected us to complete His good work. He starts with chiseling away what seems to be large significant parts of our lives. It hurts to have so much broken off or taken away. But it’s not neededHe continuously chisels the smaller pieces off. It still hurts, but wait, we’re starting to take shape and it’s kind of exciting to see how God might shape us."

When I learned of Willie Morris’s journey, this sermon came to mind. I discovered Willie Morris and his company, Faithbox, a few months ago when I was working on a blog post about subscription boxes. A year ago, Willie started Faithbox a monthly subscription box company, to help Christians grow in their faith on a daily basis.


Four years ago, Willie was an atheist in Florida running a design agency. He grew up going to Catholic schools, but once he started college, he began questioning his faith. Unable to find answers to questions about faith, God, and religion, he dismissed every notion of having any religion in his life.

It wasn’t until several years later that the trajectory of Willie’s life changed. His design agency was working with a private non-profit that was helping with disaster relief in other parts of the world. As Willie was moving bags of letters addressed to the non-profit, the founder suggested Willie read a few of the letters. This simple suggestion was the seed that changed the course of Willie’s life. You never know how a simple word or gesture will change someone's life. Willie read letter after letter about human compassion, how God transformed lives in the midst of disaster, the act of perseverance due to amazing faith, and selfless acts that had lasting influence. The impact of these letters opened Willie up to a faith that he had shut out for so many years. He spent the next year getting closer with God and rediscovering his faith. God continued to work in Willie’s life and would lead him to meeting the investor of Birchbox and Barkbox. This investor was passionate about starting a faith-based, socially good monthly subscription box company. It was time for a new chapter in Willie's life and Faithbox was born.  



Faithbox inspires daily Christian living by helping people grow in their faith, influence their community, and discover meaningful products.

The team at Faithbox packs each box with a daily devotional book (Everyday Faith to Inspire and Strengthen Your Faith), scriptures, inspirational quotes, season prayers, and suggestions for random acts of kindness, all centered on a unique monthly theme, so each month you will get something fresh and new.

Each box is packed with goodies that aren't your average goods. The team at Faithbox handpicks the products from companies and organizations that respect God's people and His creation, products that are ethically, eco-friendly, and good for the soul.

Faithbox is all about making an impact. Every box that you purchase feeds a child in need through the company’s Rice Bowls partnership! Rice Bowls, a Christian organization that provides over 1.8 million meals to orphaned children throughout the world. Plus, many of the products in the boxes are from companies that give back to a worthy causes.

Faithbox is a great gift for yourself, family, or a friend. Click here to order for yourself or click here to send to a friend. If you purchase after the 12th of the month you will receive your first box in the upcoming month. So, if you order between now and November 12th the box will be delivered December 1st ( just in time for the holidays).

Sometimes, a past Faithbox resonates strongly with customers, so the company keeps a few extra for individual purchase. They are only available while supplies last, so act quickly. Click on the image to go to the web page.

Faithbox’s mission is


 Galatians 6:9 “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”