We all have the desire to teach our children, young and old, a sense of gratitude. A goal of reflecting on the gifts you've been given, the people you love and cherish, and the opportunities you are afforded in life. My grandmother always said, "A thankful heart is a happy heart."

Blogger/ author Kay Wyma said it best on her blog post this week- " Practice thankfulness today. Then when we're tempted by all the holiday stuff, we'll be well trained to focus ( with gratitude) on all we already have rather than on what we could, would or should have. " Click here to read more from


Turkey on the Table helps your family focus on all the good things in their life.


Turkey on the Table includes an adorable knit turkey, customizable feathers with marker, and a heartwarming book. A great way this Thanksgiving to include the entire family in the conversation of gratitude. Yes, I have teenagers and YES I will get eye rolls, but for a few minutes this will allow them to remember their many blessings. 

The founders, April & Kerry, feel strongly that every American deserves a Thanksgiving dinner, no matter what their circumstances; so every purchase will provide 10 meals for people in need.  They believe they can put Turkey on the Table™ for everyone. They have partnered with Feeding America and to date have donated 4,102 meals.

Let's partner together and remember the importance of being grateful, while helping others.