Having a child with a catastrophic injury or illness who is hospitalized takes a tremendous toll on the parents and family. Help from friends and family is usually welcomed, and meal calendars and prayer chains begin. But, as with most serious injuries or illnesses, days turn into months in the hospital, and friends get on with their lives, while the day-to-day needs for the affected family continue. This is when Ragan’s Hope steps in .


Ragan’s Hope (Helping Other Parents Endure & Embrace the Future) is a nonprofit organization committed to helping parents of children with catastrophic illnesses or injuries endure the initial impact and embrace the future by providing financial, emotional, and spiritual support, in the name of Christ.


Delena gave birth to a beautiful baby but found out immediately after her daughter Ragan was born that she was not expected to survive. Ragan was born without skin or muscles in the midsection of her body. But Ragan is a fighter, and God had a plan for her life. She is truly a miracle and such a testament of overcoming all the odds and fighting for life. She has undergone more than 50 major surgeries in her 27 years of life. Miraculously, Ragan is thriving, married, and living in Florida.

When Ragan was in the second grade, a severe infection attacked her body. Delena was told her daughter had just a few hours to live. Delena told me she cried out in prayer for her daughter’s life, and the Lord told her, “Do you get it? I didn’t give Ragan to you because you were strong. I gave you Ragan to make you stronger. What are you going to do with it now? What are you going to do that will glorify me?”

Delena knew, and in October 2010, Delena founded Ragan’s Hope. After going through the experience of raising a child with serious medical problems, she knew the long-term support needs of families with children who have severe medical issues.

 This charitable ministry has pulled together an incredible team of volunteers to help support families who spend more time in a hospital waiting room than in their own homes. Most of the volunteers give their time because, at one point, they also needed the assistance. Ragan’s Hope provides a variety of services unique to each family’s needs, locally in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and also in other major cities in the United States. The list is endless, but here are a few of the services it offers:

·      Ready-made meals delivered to their home

·      Hospital parking passes

·      Utilities, rent, and mortgage assistance

·      Arranging for maid service, lawn care, and laundry needs

·      Assistance with pets

·      Hospital visits from others who have gone through similar circumstances

·      Funeral assistance

·      Assistance with siblings

·      Ongoing support after a child has left the hospital

·      Organizing special events for the families

·      Fundraising


No one understands the grief and heartache of the parents of children in these situations like someone else who has walked in their shoes. Ragan’s Hope has a very special group of volunteers composed of parents with similar experiences who provide positive support and encouragement while helping families deal with difficult realities. Many families going through this life-changing experience begin to question their faith. Ragan’s Hope supplies an amazing group of spiritual advisors who provide counsel and support.


There are several ways to get involved. For the extensive list of volunteer positions, click here to download the information.

Ragan’s Hope Christmas Drive.

Ragan’s Hope helps hundreds of families during the holidays. Their biggest need is gift cards for the families they serve. These gift cards are vital for the families who are going back and forth to the hospital and spending days and nights at the hospital. To donate click here

Kids 4 Kids Club

Kids 4 Kids Club is a great way to introduce small children on ways to give back. You will be emailed on a regular basis with a list of children and families Ragan’s Hope is currently supporting. You can choose one or more from the list. Talk to your children and explain in age-appropriate terms what the situation is for the family/child you have chosen, and spend a few minutes in prayer together regarding their situation. Then, write out a card together for that family and child, so they can feel encouraged and know they are in someone’s thoughts and prays.

Help with Night of Superstars

Night of Superstars is a Ragan’s Hope event created to be an “Oscar-like” red-carpet charity event that draws numbers of local celebrities, high-profile personalities, the media, and hundreds of guests. This celebration is to honor the accomplishments of 20 amazing children and young adults in their respective geographical areas who are affected by various types of disabling conditions, yet reach far beyond their adversities and excel in areas such as academics, athletics, extracurricular activities, the arts, and community service.


Ragan’s Hope partners with several like-minded organizations. These organizations allow Ragan’s Hope to help them assist the families who fall within their realm of care. This allows those families in desperate need to get the care they need.

Delena and her team have dedicated their lives to the mission of Eccl. 4:10 “If one falls down, his friend can help him up.”