"Fear is something that stops people from doing the things they truly want to do. Fear is powerful, I prefer to let it motivate me rather than deter me. So the following quote by Nelson Mandela reminds me that although it is scary creating my own path in this world, that fear I feel is important to my journey and I need to conquer it to find my place and actually make a difference." - Joshua Pavano

 "I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear." -Nelson Mandela 

Joshua Pavano started Jonas Umbrella (named after Jonas Hanway, a traveler & philanthropist who lived in the 1700s) in 2013 after a back packing trip with a friend in Uganda. They were on a mission to raft the Nile River. On their way, they saw a little boy carrying a jerrycan bigger than himself. Joshua asked one of the guides if the water from the Nile River was for drinking, and he told him it was. Seeing this little boy changed Joshua's heart. He felt a deep sense of guilt, a deep sense of entitlement, and an even stronger sense of sadness. Joshua wanted to help bring the basic need of clean water to kids all over Uganda.

Jonas Umbrella was started at the moment when Joshua realized he wanted to use his life to make a difference.


Jonas Umbrella is a limited-edition umbrella company that helps you fund clean-water wells at schools in Africa! Your numbered umbrella will be one of a kind. Jonas Umbrellas has partnered with nonprofit organizations, to reach 1,000 school children per well, promote sanitation education, and save lives. Each umbrella sold is dedicated to a clean water well project.

Jonas Umbrellas are very well made.  Only 500 of each design are manufactured! The umbrella has the following details:

               48” Canopy

               Curved wooden handle with numbered engraving

               Automatic open button

               Wooden stick and fiberglass ribs

               Unique pattern under canopy ( reminds me of London!) 

75% of profits go toward funding a well at a school in Uganda! Follow the project through their blog! You can also sign up for their email list here.


Joshua told me, "It has always been about making a difference in just one person’s life. It isn’t about me or Jonas. It's about the girl who has to miss school and walk 5 km everyday to gather dirty water for her family. It’s about the little boy who can’t eat because he got sick from the only water he had available. It’s about providing someone with a chance to make their life and their family’s life better. I have been fortunate to live a healthy life filled with love, family, and friends. To me, Jonas is about that. It is about giving others the chance to live a healthy life so they, too, can love, laugh, and chase their dreams."

Please watch the moving video below. Jonas Umbrellas' mission is to work together to make difference, one step at a time, one child at a time, one well at a time.