Welcome to my first blog post! This has been a fun adventure getting Big-Hearted started. I had this idea about a year ago and I sat on it, to let it gel. In the last few months, things started to fall into place and doors stared opening. I was inspired to launch this through my faith, a few books (Restless by Jennie Allen & Daring Greatly by Brene Brown), and the leaders I have met with non-profits or fair trade companies.  I am fascinated by the vision and creation of  non-profits or fair trade companies. This blog is about the leaders in our communities who have seen a need and have not just discussed it, but did something about it. These are the people who have not sat on the sidelines but have dared greatly. I have found that these individuals have used their passions, faith, character, past experiences, and talents to accomplish a great purpose to help others.

When reading through the Old Testament of the Bible, we learn of such a man. Nehemiah saw a problem and was distressed. Instead of complaining or wallowing, he took action. God prepared and positioned Nehemiah to accomplish one of the Bible’s “impossible” tasks.

“Big-Hearted” looks at the Nehemiahs in our communities. Each week I will interview the founders of non-profits or fair trade companies to find out what motivated them: what allowed them to dare greatly, what obstacles did they face, where they get their stamina to continue, and what they hope to accomplish. I will learn from them how they identified problems within their communities and had the ability to make the changes needed. I hope to discover, how we can take the cataracts off our souls and see the world around us differently. 


One may be thinking, "Do I need to quit my day job to cultivate meaningful work?" No! Just look at the world from a different vantage point and ask yourself, "How can I cultivate my resources, talents, or time to maybe shine brightly in someone else's life from my current environment." Simply living God's command "...Love your neighbor as yourself" LV 19:18.

Look forward to the blog posts: Not so Random Acts. A friend asked, “Are Random Acts of Kindness, really random or just being kind and doing the right thing?" Each week I will highlight stories of different acts of kindness that might be random or not so random. Friday, I will post Fashion for Good. I will look at the latest trends from fair trade companies. Each purchase of these items will benefit someone: clean water, new shoes, or an opportunity for a new beginning.

I am looking forward to all that I will discover on this new venture! Be sure and SUBSCRIBE below, you don't want to miss the weekly blog posts.