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Attitudes & Attire® is a non-profit agency dedicated to promoting personal growth for women seeking self-sufficiency . Their program provides the tools to help raise self-esteem, promote ethics and build the confidence necessary to develop successful life skills.


Since 1996, Attitudes & Attire® has served over 20,000 women. Most of these women have emerged from difficult and desperate situations of transition, such as domestic violence, addiction, incarceration, illness and chronic unemployment.  Almost 250 social service agencies refer their clients. These women participate in a series of three workshops that reach far beyond the typical job training by teaching positive self-image, appropriate workplace behavior and appearance.

In addition to their core programs, Attitudes & Attire® offers workshops exclusively to female veterans through their BOOTS TO HEELS program. Women who have served in the military are returning home and facing a new battlefield as they transition back into civilian life. Many of these veterans are dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder, fear, loneliness, distrust and anger. Through the BOOTS TO HEELS program, female veterans attend special group sessions with their peers so they can experience camaraderie and healing.

A second program Attitudes & Attire® offers to women is Hopeful Smiles™. This program was founded in 2006 and is a partnership with area dentists to restore the smiles of their clients whose teeth have been damaged due to neglect, poverty, illness, etc.



When meeting Lyn, she radiates grace, passion and determination . From a very young age, Lyn felt called to serve others. She grew up in an abusive, alcoholic family. When Lyn was nine, her father took Lyn and her brother to a prison to witness what life would be like if she made poor choices. Wide-eyed, Lyn was moved by the people she observed. One man stood out; he was sitting in a corner making beautiful wooden artifacts. Lyn wondered whether anyone would ever give the man in the corner a second chance. This was the turning point that gave her the desire to help others and make a difference in someone’s life .


While raising two children as a single mother, Lyn’s passion to help others resurfaced. She remarried and began volunteering with several non-profit agencies that served disadvantaged women. Lyn observed that job training was not being addressed.  She knew that, for these women to reach their goals, they needed to be taught effective interview skills and professional work demeanor along with self-confidence and dignity. Lyn was determined and felt called to provide programs for these women. She knew one of the reasons she was put on this earth was to provide women with tools they would need for a second chance at life. With the encouragement of her husband and a professor from Richland College (where she had taken classes), her passion and dream became a reality.

In 1996, Lyn started Attitudes & Attire® with only $500 and one volunteer. To her surprise, things began to materialize. A friend offered her a 300 sq. ft. office space at the Apparel Mart, and today she has a 5,000 sq. ft. office space at the Dallas World Trade Center.  Her success in growing Attitudes & Attire® has been her dedication to their mission and making sure women are benefitting from their services.  Lyn truly believes that if you don’t take risks, you will never achieve your dream.


Lyn wishes to continue the positive impact her team has made in  women’s lives and keep her team motivated and happy. Her biggest dream is to continue the expansion of Boots to Heels  and help more female veterans.


Castanita had no parental support; her father left when she was a baby, and her mother abandoned her in elementary school.  Castanita turned to the streets, relying on income from prostitution, which she used to support her drug habit. She was eventually arrested, and, as an alternative to incarceration, she was placed at the Phoenix House, which helps Dallas County probationers successfully reenter society and stay drug-free. Through the Phoenix House, Castanita was introduced to Attitudes & Attire®. After attending several workshops and receiving new clothes from the Attitudes & Attire® boutique, her confidence gradually blossomed, and she felt like a lady for the first time. Castanita’s Attitudes & Attire® experience was complete when she received a gorgeous new smile through the Hopeful Smiles™ program.

Today, Castanita has a full-time job, her own apartment and attends college. She was recently inducted into Phi Theta Kappa, the official honor society of two-year colleges.   


  •    Volunteer as an interview speaker in workshops by answering commonly asked interview questions and role-playing with clients to boost their confidence.
  • Volunteer as a personal shopper by helping the women select workplace-appropriate outfits and accessories from the Attitudes & Attire® Boutique.
  •  Donate new or gently used suits, separates, purses, scarves and jewelry at any Bibbentuckers Cleaners location or at Attitudes & Attire® (WTC 2050 N Stemmons Freeway).