This is an inspiring story of a group of kids uniting for a cause, that resulted in an amazing transformation of a young Uganda girl’s life.  Courtesy of Heifer International

A group of children from a Connecticut church put their money together and bought six goats for African families through Heifer International, as a gift for Africa. One of these goats went to a family in Uganda. The family named the goat Luck and it lived up to its name: the goat promptly produced twins. The milk from the goat provided a nutritional boost for the children, and a financial boost for the parents, who sold the extra milk in the village. Prior to receiving the goat, the family had not been able to afford to send their children to school; instead the children stayed home to do chores. With the extra income from the milk, the parents were able to send their oldest daughter to the village school. Their daughter worked diligently and rose to the top of her class. In fact, she was such a prodigious student that she eventually won a scholarship to the best girls' school in Uganda.  Eventually, she had the opportunity to study abroad and attend Connecticut College. In 2008, when she graduated from college, she stated that she was the luckiest girl in the world, "all because of a goat!” She is now earning a graduate degree and working on a United Nations project.

what a powerful and beautiful story of transformation!

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When we hear stories like this, we ask ourselves, “ How can I or my children choose a charity and make a difference, when there are so many worthy causes competing for our attention and support?"  Here are some helpful suggestions: 

  • Spend time in prayer. Ask God to open doors and provide opportunities, to take what you have been given and use it to reflect God and serve others. 
  • Find a cause that pulls on your heartstrings. Make that your focus.
  • Educate yourself by talking to others who have worked on the front lines of the cause that interests you.
  • Explore your gifts and determine how those gifts match up with the needs of that cause.
  • Don’t worry that your efforts won’t solve community or global problems; you and your cause may make all the difference in one person's life. 
I am always reminded from what Paul wrote from prison, "I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received." Eph 4:1


Here are a few organizations that your children and their friends could help make a difference.

  • Community Partners of Dallas: Have your children conduct their own school supply drive or help stuff backpacks. Click here to find out more information.
  •   ROMA boots: ROMA donates rain boots stuffed full of school supplies. Your children could also conduct a school supply drive for ROMA boots. Click here to find out more information.
  •  Sole Hope: Have a shoe cutting party. Click here to obtain full details about planning a party.

These are just a few ideas to keep your kiddos busy doing good! EMAIL ME WITH ANY FUN THINGS YOUR KIDS HAVE DONE!