So it is time to pack for our family vacation, here are few of my favorite things to pack --  GUESS WHAT? THEY GIVE BACK! 

1. Donni Charm Scarf. Adorable and so great for long plane rides. Each scarf has a hidden charm as a reminder of love and luck founded by Alyssa Wasko. When you buy something from Donni Charm, a portion goes to a list of charities.

2. Blue Plant Readers. Always need a cute pair of readers! Every time you purchase a pair of Blue Plant Eyewear, they donate a pair to someone in need.

3. Hand in Hand lip balm. The orange blossom is yummy! For every bath product purchased, Hand in Hand donates a bar of soap  and provides a month of clean water to children in need.

4. Esperos BackpackSuper cool Austin based company. Every bag sold helps fund a year of education for a child in the developing world. The name ESPEROS comes loosely from the Spanish verb “esperar” which means “to hope.” When you make your purchase from ESPEROS, you do more than simply buy a bag: you carry hope.

5. LSTN Earbuds. They provide high quality products that help fund hearing restoration and spread awareness for the global problem of hearing loss and hearing impairment. 

6. Moorea Seal Journal. Love the fun yellow color. At Moorea Seal 7% of all proceeds from their store benefit five non-profit categories, all of which are close to their hearts.  Visit the Do Good, Do Great page to learn more!

7. Two Penny Blue Umbrella. Adore this website ! (Scroll down and see the cute white jacket.) You buy a blazer, they give a uniform to a child in Africa. After a life-changing trip to Africa in 2007, Designer Marie Whitney combined her design background and the coursework she did at Harvard School of Public Health, and made a commitment to educating and empowering girls around the world. Although designing is her love, her passion is educating girls in need.


  1.  Gaia Bag          2.  Travel bottle labels          3.  Wrinkle Wiz     4.  Slim Sonic toothbrush     5.  Lemon Towelettes 

 1. Gaia Bag         2. Travel bottle labels         3. Wrinkle Wiz    4. Slim Sonic toothbrush    5. Lemon Towelettes 

1. GAIA Zipper bags. Handmade with love using vintage textiles by refugee women resettled in Dallas. These pouches represent a new beginning for the GAIA women in a country where they can find empowerment in employment, where their children can flourish & have a future.  

2. These travel bottle labels are awesome, no more stickers that peel off! The Wrinkle Wiz really does work; I always pack it ! Love my Slim Sonic toothbrush. These lemon scented travel towelettes smell refreshing. All travel essentials are from Container Store. The Container Store gives back to the community with a focus on nonprofits that promote women’s and children’s well-being and health. From product and gift card donations to cash sponsorships and employee volunteer time. 

1. Adorable white blazer by Two Penny Blue.  You buy a blazer, they give a uniform to a child in Africa. 

2. Travel pillow & blanket. I love having my own blanket on the plane. I have this brand, it is super easy to pack and really soft.  Another must have item from the Container Store. 

3. Kay Wyma's book I'm Happy for You will give back, by reminding me to be " Happy" for those beautiful Spanish women on the beach. :)