After experiencing all the wonderful flavors of Spanish cuisine, my family was eager to get in the kitchen and begin experimenting

With every meal we got to enjoy the delicious locally grown olives. It was amazing seeing the fields and rows of olive trees! I found this company out of California (sorry not Spain) that has amazing olive oil and in wonderful flavors. 

Oliovera is a socially good and health-inspired olive oil company that believes in bottling sustainable and locally grown olive oils. They are about educating and inspiring people to be environmentally friendly and eat healthy. At the end of the day, they care about the simple things that matter the most. Love for olive oil. Love for people. And, the fortune to share this love with others.

We loved all the delicious and different variety of Spanish cheeses displayed on beautifully cheese boards.

I found these great items from West Elm. They have partnered with FEED in support of their mission to end hunger.

For each of these cheese boards purchased, FEED will donate 23 meals to families in need in the USA. Also, all the items pictured above support FEED and will donate meals to families in need. 

We sipped on and enjoyed the best Sangria! Found this great recipe for Spanish Sangria from the Food Network.  Click here to download the recipe. 

So, I am off to Whole Foods to pick up olives, breads, cheeses, and hams to make tapas out of my new cookbook!

Love Whole Foods! While their store donations provide the backbone of their community giving, they also give back to the larger national and global community. Their Whole Planet Foundation fights poverty through micro-lending in rural communities around the world. They provide a good deal of the funding for the loans and underwrite the administrative costs, so every dollar donated goes directly to those who need it most. They also support projects that relate directly to organics and environmentally-friendly production methods, animal welfare, sustainable seafood, and healthy families and nutrition. Additionally, if the need arises, they coordinate donations at the cash register for regional or national disasters. Overall, their community giving well exceeds 5% of their total net profits each year.