It has been 8 weeks since my last blog post! Many of you have asked


Well, around Christmas, I was feeling the need to take a sabbatical from research and writing. A season of reflection and waiting for God's direction. Starting Bighearted, allowed me to meet many extraordinary people; individuals trailblazing to change their communities and the world.  Learning from these individuals' unique qualities caused a spark of fresh ideas to ignite. I needed some serious focused quite time to pray and focus on potential next steps.

 During this time I read a few great books:

1.   Wonderstuck by Margaret Feinberg

Her honest, beautiful writing awakened an awareness of the wonders of God all around me and within others; it expanded my desire to know God more.

2.   StrengthsFinder by Tom Rath

Once you complete the online assessment, you receive a comprehensive Strengths Discovery and Action Planning Guide that are based on your strengths. I knew some of my strengths, but this practice helped me explore how my talents interact with my skills, relationships, and experiences. This exercise helped me align my goals with my natural talents and explain my passions and inspirations.

Focused on passions

 Also, during these 8 weeks, I focused on a few of my passions, studying God’s word through different bible studies and volunteering at Thrive women’s clinic. For the past 6 years, my heart has sung every week as I mentor women with unplanned pregnancies who have chosen life. I walk beside them before and after they deliver their babies. I have built lasting relationships with the amazing Thrive employees, who are the hands and feet of Christ everyday, and with the women I have been privileged to mentor.

 How do these passions come together?

  • The Bighearted Blog featuring companies and non-profits that are giving back to help others.
  • Volunteer work mentoring young women when they are in the valley of life.
  • Studying God’s word, which will challenge me to move beyond loving God with just my heart to also loving Him with my mind.


In a few weeks, I am excited to reveal how God has directed my steps and opened doors to incorporate these passions together!