Many people have asked what sparked the idea of “Scripture Clings”?!

This past fall, my friends and I studied Priscilla Shirers, Armor of God Bible Study.


Toward the end of the study Priscilla discusses the Helmet of Salvation. She discusses the renewing of our minds, which requires vigilance, aggressive and proactive attention.

Priscilla tells a story of a friend, who is a busy home school mom of five kids that runs a women’s ministry at her local church. Priscilla was intrigued one day when she got in the car of this mom and noticed a small clip attached to her dashboard with a 3X5 card with a scripture verse.  This mom spent so much time in her car that she decided to keep one verse on her dashboard for seven days. She said this reminded her of God’s truth and encouragement to implement it in her life. She was not only able to memorize this scripture, but could relate it to several instances where the verse had “come to life” – informing her decisions, renewing her mind, changing her perspective, and redirecting her responses and actions.

Priscilla’s friend explained that when thoughts contrary to the truth in that verse would seek to infiltrate her mind, she’d zero in on that verse and quote it out loud. She would not use her busy schedule as an excuse for being lax in putting on the important armor of the protection of her mind.

 Priscilla states, “ You do whatever you need to do to keep that helmet on and in position throughout your day, every day.”

 Priscilla asked, “Where are some strategic places you could post truth tomorrow so you’ll have it on hand throughout the day?”

 I immediately thought of my oil change sticker on my windshield, because I'm in my car all day long. What if I could develop a repositionable adhesive business card with Biblical Scriptures that would cling to your windshield or anywhere?

The momentum started and God placed specific people in my life that would help me find resources to turn my spark into reality.

 I found the best product that would adhere to any surface, easy to peal off and reapply to another surface. I also began consulting with friends and pastors on specific scriptures. The last and most important element was giving back in a big way. I have discovered so much about giving back since starting Bighearted blog; I knew I had to implement this into my business plan. 

For the last 5 years, I have volunteered as a mentor at Thrive Pregnancy Center mentoring young women that have chosen life. I have seen how the gift of a baby bed can transform the lives of these new moms. 

Another Lightbulb Moment!

That was it! Half the proceeds from the sales of Scripture Clings would go toward the donation of a 3-in-1 crib that would be donated to any pregnancy center. What a great gift for a new mom and her baby, a new crib that will eventually be converted into a toddler bed which will stay with the child until they attend preschool. 

I am excited to announce, since the launch of Scripture Clings last month, three 3-in-1 cribs have been donated to pregnancy centers. Last week the 3rd baby bed was donated to the Pregnancy Resource Center of Grand Prairie. 

Yes, this is just a drop in the ocean, but my prayer is that Scripture Clings will have a lasting effect on…