June marks the one-year anniversary of launching Bighearted! YIPPIE! This experience has truly exceeded all expectations. The process has been an enormous learning curve, extremely interesting, and super fun. This journey has opened so many doors, allowing me to meet incredible people and  make lifelong friendships.

My eyes have been opened to the extraordinary companies and organizations that are accomplishing amazing acts for their communities and the world.  I have interviewed over twenty founders of nonprofits or companies that give back. I have acquired such a strong admiration for each of these individuals.

They have truly inspired me and reminded me of the verse in Acts 20:35 “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

I have learned that their strong qualities of faith, passion and perseverance have allowed them to achieve immeasurable acts for others. 

It has been fascinating to discover several commonalities these founders all share. They have all volunteered at some point in their lives. They all have the sincere desire to help others and are extremely passionate in their calling. The strongest shared quality is their belief that what they are doing has eternal value. These qualities have allowed them to achieve phenomenal things for so many. To read about these individuals click on Nehemiahs in the menu bar.

These "Nehemiahs" inspired in me a desire to give back! So, March 14, 2016, I launched Scripture Clings. My passion for learning God’s word, mentoring young moms with unplanned pregnancies, and Bighearted all came together through Scripture Clings.  My first set of Scripture Clings focused on scripture that reflected the characteristics I saw in the individuals I interviewed for my blog posts.  I have since rolled out a girl and boy set that will inspire teens and young adults. Scripture Clings gives back with half the proceeds going toward the purchase of a 3-in-1 crib that is donated to a pregnancy center. I am excited to announce, 9 sweet babies are sleeping well in their new 3-in-1 cribs that Bighearted donated to pregnancy centers in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. To learn more about the spark behind the idea of Scripture Clings click here.  To purchase Scripture Clings click here

What is the one stand out message I have learned this year. It was said by a dear friend of mine, “Remember what you are doing has eternal value that can’t be measured.” WOW! That is it!

What a great quote to always remember in– the work you are doing; your volunteer efforts; parenting; or being part of a family. Stopping and seeing others from a different vantage point, extending help, kindness and grace; you never know how you will influence someone’s life.

With the help of my talented friend Laura Myers we created this Scripture Cling Quote that will now be included with every order. 

Thank you for your support this year and allowing me to share with you all the great things I have learned on this new journey. All praise, honor, worship and service go to God and God alone.