My name is Mimi. I am the mom of teenagers and yes, the shortest one in my family. I have a passion for serving and helping others. After many years volunteering to help non-profits raise funding, I have started volunteering “on the front lines”. I mentor girls with unplanned pregnancies to choose life at Thrive Women’s Clinic and my family volunteers each summer with LEAP’s medical missions (reference the picture: 2017 mission trip). My desire is to know what pushes someone to dare greatly and take the leap of faith to start a non-profit or socially conscious company that gives back in very generous ways. I also love researching & telling my friends about great companies that give back.

After 8 months of blogging, I was so inspired by the people that I met, I had a desire to give back. In March 2016, I launched Scripture Clings. My passion for learning God's word, mentoring young moms, and blogging all came together through Scripture Clings. Half the proceeds from the sales of Scripture Clings goes toward the purchase of 3-in-1 cribs & pack & plays, that will be donated to refugees, foster families and moms in need.