This has been a fun adventure getting Big-Hearted started. I was inspired to start this adventure through my faith, a few books (Restless by Jennie Allen & Daring Greatly by Brene Brown), and meeting the leaders in my community that give back. First this was a blog about the leaders in my community, who have seen a need and have not just discussed it, but did something about it. These are the people who have not sat on the sidelines but have dared greatly. I have found that these individuals have used their passions, faith, character, past experiences, and talents to accomplish a great purpose to help others. After 8 months of blogging, I was so inspired by the people that I met, I had a desire to give back. In March 2016, I launched Scripture Clings. My passion for learning God's word, mentoring young moms, and blogging all came together through Scripture Clings. Half the proceeds from the sales of Scripture Clings goes toward the purchase of 3-in-1 cribs and pack & plays, that will be donated to refugees, foster families and moms in need. 

This idea came to me after studying Priscilla Shirer's Armor of God Bible Study. She challenged her readers to find a strategic place to put God's word so you could have it on hand throughout the day. I immediately thought of my windshield, since I am in my car all the time. I had a light bulb moment! What if I could develop a repositionable adhesive business card with Biblical Scriptures that would cling to your windshield or anywhere? The birth of Scripture Clings! 

I knew the sale of these Scripture Clings must give back! After volunteering for 8 years mentoring young moms. I have seen how the gift of a baby bed can transform lives. What a great gift for a new mom and her baby, a new crib that will eventually be converted into a toddler bed. So, that is why we donate new cribs to moms. Addition to donating cribs, I have started now donating pack&plays to refugees and foster families. This is such a gift for these families desiring a safe place for their baby, but having limited living spaces.

Thank you for supporting Bighearted on this fun journey of sharing God’s word and helping moms in need.